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I’m an artist, a wife, a follower of Christ, and a self-proclaimed foodie.  My hubby and I live in the heart of downtown Hamilton in a home that’s been in his family for generations.  We are just blocks away from the train station-turned-banquet hall that both of our families came through when they first settled in Hamilton, and where we got married last summer.  We LOVE our city, and it’s a privilege to be surrounded by so much of our family history as we witness the revival that is happening in the city core – our families, friends and neighbours are the local artisans and entrepreneurs that own the boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants that are breathing life back into the streets that were so lively during our grandparents’ time.


People often ask how I became an artist or how I learned to paint.  The truth is, I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember.  My grandmother, Laura Jeanne, was a hobby painter, so I like to think it’s a talent that was passed down through her.  I wear many hats, but painting and creating is what makes my heart happy.  It wasn’t until I was halfway through my undergraduate career that I took up abstract painting.  I made a visit to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, where I experienced Canadian artist Wanda Koop’s artwork for the first time.  Her use of colour and geometric form hit me like a ton of bricks – I was filled with such awe, emotion, and inspiration.  This moment stands out for me as the defining moment of my artistic practice.  I immediately went home and began to experiment, and I found a joy in the process of making that I had never experienced. 

This (like much contemporary art) then begged the question – why?  Why paint abstract paintings when I was capable of painting portraits, or landscapes?  I began to research WHY certain artwork and methods of making appeal to certain people and not to others.  After some digging I came across affect theory – the theory that different two people will respond to the same colour/form/artwork in two different ways (for example, the colour yellow can illicit feelings of happiness and positivity in some people, but frustration and anxiety in others).  This was the basis for my undergraduate thesis – how people respond to different arrangements of colours.


Ultimately, I paint because it brings me joy.  I truly believe that we can all benefit from the peace and calmness that comes from doing something that fulfills your purpose and feeds your soul, and abstract painting happens to be mine.

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xo, Rachel

(Photographed by Eryn Hartmier)

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  • Thank you so much Bonnie! You’re always such a big supporter of my work – happy to hear that you’re enjoying your Rachel Tirone Art original!

    • Rachel Tirone
  • Enjoyed reading this, Rachel you have answered a few of my questions that came to mind as I enjoy my’ piece of Rachel’ art on my wall

    • Bonnie maclean